When is the Portal Quest kill date?

OK, guys, the game is dying… fast…
This is the gamers statistics on Galaxy devices over the last 8 months.

They went from 2.66k to 0.7k. Which means over 70% of the gamers left the game in these 8 months.
Yes, it’s only galaxy devices, but I can guess it;s the same all over all platforms in terms of quit ratio…

In the meantime you do nothing to show you want to do something to keep the game alive… Like open a new server, run some advertisement… Add some new features… And no, Tree of demotion is not a new feature, it’s ash in our eyes…

You are rushing with cap raises to milk it as much as possible. I guess in 1-2 months or less you will merge S1 and S8. Probably try to merge S11 a little later… But I’m not sure we will reach that point… Very soon you will get too few bucks to keep the game alive the way you run it… And you will just pull the plug…

And one normal morning there will be an announcement… Payments are cut off. All contests are cut off. Only war for 2-3 seasons with a specified kill date and time…

I’ve been there in another game. This IS happening and it’s happening sooner than most think…

So - are you gonna do something, or you have already chosen the kill date?


All I can say is soon… It’s quite obvious the game is declining in terms of players, Per Blue just spits out rubbish junk updates. I feel the lack of original content is one of the reasons for the decline, 90% or updated have been simplified to “more grind” more scraps, more toons, every update becomes more of a grind. More scraps to raid for, which is a big problem for ppl without VIP. It takes forever to deal with cap raises and contests now. By the looks of it, PB won’t be stopping. Besides from the new war system (which was a downgrade imo), some smaller stuff like the tree of devotion and picking toons in shops, cosmetics, and the previously mentioned toons, chapters, scraps, ect… What have we gotten? 9/10 updates follow the same formula, this would work if the formula was good but it feels very grind-y.

TL;DR: Game is dead, PB lazy.

I realised this 32 weeks ago when it went from 5k to 2k

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Suey killed us all slowly with his pulchritudinous self. We need to clap back at Suey. Not PB.

UllaMaj!? Ok. :slight_smile: Signed, Chalk.

The very well thought out and flawlessly implemented war changes totally contradict everything in this post. Viva PQ!!!

Shame they came about a year too late.

And any other super secret plans they are sitting on are also far too late to save it.

The people that left already?

They aren’t coming back for an extended two month war season, with new features about tier ascension.

Because the levels and the gear grinds have got obnoxiously high and lack of communication about anything new made it look like PB didn’t care any more.

Particularly as Disney Heroes, and then Puzzle Force, Twisted Towers (or, as I call them PFTT!) and the other new games took away all the development time.

Closing down every avenue of communication between us was the final nail in the coffin.
The rest of us masochistic freaks with no life, now the pandemic pressed the pause button on the world, well I guess we will fund you a few ivory back scratchers on the way out…

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I feel like Sheldon in the big bang theory.

Was that sarcasm?

I feel like you know me well enough to not need to ask :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Is this for other people’s benefit?

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Twss and twss

I doubt Perblue will pull the crap the other company did with Dragon Soul. If PQ dies, hopefully it won’t be a “take your money then tell you it’s done” kinda thing.

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Nah it’ll be a “you’re not giving us enough money to keep the lights on.”

Mayyyyyybe at that point, we could set up a GoFundPB.
They get a guaranteed monthly stipend.
We get guaranteed monthly stacked deals.
One new chapter and rarity and a set number of heroes per month.
With a maximum number of story loops per year… :wink:

Orrrrrr we all get a life.

So where are we all going next? I still like the community thats been built.

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Having tried puzzle force and twisted towers, honestly at this moment my next game (sorry orlyeh and Samm) won’t be made by Per Blue…

I have a slap ready for anyone that suggests waiting for Mighty Party clones.
If C - - t Wars couldn’t hold my interest, I’m not sure any non lewd versions will…

Afk arena, raid, exiled clash of castle champions League avengers fantasy football draft board xviii etc all blur into one…

Right now I’m playing idle slayer.
Over the Christmas holiday I returned to WWE Supercard (last played in S2), and I’m actually having a whale of a time (ironically as I’m free to play).

Right at the top of Bio-mechanical++ and waiting for that one card to push me into Swarm… :slight_smile:

There you go @Polaris
Get Per Blue designing a card collecting game.
I’ll forego the 10% idea fee, for some bundles :wink:

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Got my New Year’s Eve party hat and Auld Ang Syne disc ready :laughing:

AFK is a game , lots on content,… and I am purely F2P… There are some whales in that game that are off the scale…

Age of Magic or Emperium be my guess. But awesome true gaming a.k.a PC gaming most likely. Game’s lasted to spring, but spring break and summer vaca should be the last nails

Slowly getting there…

Almost free to play
(I bought the Superpass!)

:thinking: When? Maybe yesterday or now :thinking:

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