When setting warteams

I can barely see their level as it is too tiny!!

Scaling is on normal, because when I put it higher, half of it game end outside my screen!!


If not - where does one post this stuff so PB get the feedback?!?

Support tickets.

From the support button in game.

I miss the days when we had a leader chat discord where at the start per blue actually came to speak to us.

Then they popped in once or twice a week and back read.

Then they got Wiz to make a list and submit it.

Then they closed it.

You will at least get a response there.

I can’t guarantee that you will like it, or it will help.
But Samm will read it, and respond.

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I totally agree! It would definitely fix a lot of the problems my guild is complaining about.

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You’ll get normal response… “Thank you for the input,we will pass it along to the development team.”

That’s all I’ve ever received and none of my input has ever been incorporated… not bad input either… :grin:

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