Where are the overstuffed chest?😞

Have the overstuffed chests gone away forever???

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Oh no I’m missing them so much

The thing I’m missing more is quad trials events!


I miss Bob the most


Techno beat intensifies


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V1 V2 are gone, I think cause they give diamonds :grin:

I’ve been holding onto.event chests for this very reason!!! Where have they gone pq???

Pesky Bob gets everywhere :frowning:

Definitely time to bring them back! The introduction of the hero chest events and honors chest just isn’t as good. :woman_shrugging: I’d waste more diamonds buying overstuffed chest than any other.

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Overstuffed chests are the best then comes honor chests , all others are simply craps … why someone would use diamonds to buy hero or epic event’s chests we have hundreds of them and they are easy to get in contest ???

Are those the one for purchase. Anyone have a screenshot?

I’m a fan of the Gold Aspect chests. I don’t open anything but those and Heroic chests. The odd batch of Epic Gear chests if I need strength/vitality. But otherwise, I’m accumulating a stupid amount of Gold (10x and Role) chests.

Me too I refuse to use them!

Me too almost every time I’d end up spending most of not all my diamonds but I don’t waste them on these

They are the ones that also dropped diamonds as well as consumables