Where is the communication?


Long time player, first time poster. Not really, but couldn’t think of an opening sentence.
I am just curious as to the purpose of this forum. I thought it was kinda for a community feel, to discuss things with the devs etc.
Recent experience however = PB publishes patch notes. Players are free to view and ask questions about them. PB then releases the update, and closes the thread. No questions were answered. Or even acknowledged.

What is the purpose of even allowing us to post on these topics? So players can just speculate on answers without getting official confirmation from the makers of the game?

You guys used to be so much more … involved in the past. It was what made being part of this community great. The communication.

Now I am sure that there has been many a conversation or question asked or information shared in the PB discord server over the last year or so. But only a select few representatives see this - and possibly thier respective guilds. You’re taking the responsibility off yourselves to provide information to the community about your own game, and placing it on the select few in that server…which will only reach but a small population of the game if they indeed do share it with their guilds etc. It just, does not bode well with me anymore. Especially nowadays where it looks as though interaction in this forum seem so little.

Open your Discord server to the people who want to see this information. Even if you make it read only for 90% of people who join the server. As someone who has been in the discord server ( a few time here and there) I can say that yes, there has been some really good information in there that has only been seen by those lucky enough to have been fed the information by their guild representative.

Anyways, I am not really having a dig at you guys. I appreciate that it is close to the holidays etc etc. I know you do work hard at trying to please the masses. I know it must not be easy. I just feel like ya’ll are dropping the ball a bit lately.

I’m not angry or upset … I’m just disappointed.

Note: I am not writing this to start a witch hunt. There is enough of a negative vibe in the air as it is lately. I just want a community again._

Yours faithfully, respectfully, and NoPantsfully,

SueyJitSu :smiley:


I pass info from Discord to the guild I represent and to the forums (and to global if it’s a major issue). If there’s a widespread issue on the forums then I let the devs on the discord server know about it, asking several questions until I get enough information to post about it.

I know this doesn’t directly address your gripe about lack of communication, but I think it’s important to let everyone know that we aren’t just goofing off in there. Devs’ posting on the forums and forum contests would be nice though.

EDIT: There is that community server, and I think O’Rlyeh is in it. I wonder if the no-tagging-the-devs rule applies there…

But then who would do all the Disney heroes stuff?

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Yeah I know man.
I know the reps in there do a good job of pushing out info and providing feedback.

But, as an example, how much talk went on in there about how honor skills work? I bet a ton. I also bet that it was hard to summarise to provide to your guild etc.
And also, that is just your guild who gets the info… Although yeah if you post it on forums then more people see it sure. But not many people check forums either.
I just think there are many many many people out there who could have benefit from reading all that chat history… Perhaps they would have been less “shocked” by the features. Just because they are not in the top 20 or whatever guilds of thier server, doesn’t mean they don’t have interest in the game any less than the others.


It would be interesting if everyone was privy to the lack of respect shown by some devs towards players in the discord leader chat. Players in that chat are there as volunteers… basically advocating for free for the players and their guilds… ultimately to make the game better for everyone. You’d think devs would want that. It ain’t what it used to be, that’s for sure.


I think that’s a very good idea, as you may notice there’s maybe 25 regular chatters on here… And like you say no real feedback

I’m not a fan of discord… Never have been…

But… If it was read only, and I could be a part of that setup you mentioned then sure id be for joining it

Given you only get kicked for speaking your mind @Cottontail I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be there lol… :wink:

I would go one further, and suggest…
There should be a “mini global” where every one has read and write privileges.

Then the rest could be as normal.
Non guild reps could have read access to the all server chat, and their respective server(s).

Although I would think Polaris would have to keep O’rlyeh on a shorter leash… :wink:

What do you think @Polaris ?
Let everyone that wants to join in, as a read only person?

Lift the veil, and let the world see how the decisions are made and discussed with players??

You could make a separate private section, that the read only people couldn’t see, If you prefer… :wink:


Hehehe I need to be read only for sure :joy::joy: this acid tongue of mine when fueled properly doesnt hold back :smiling_imp:
Twice I’ve been a speaker in there and twice I got removed… 3rd times the charm though right??
Put that muzzle on me and let’s do this :mask:

Tbh I would rather be there to discuss/ challenge ideas that were a little out of touch with player base requirements… but I’m sure I could nudge my queries to another to discuss

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So that’s why I never got quoted. Lol



I like to re read this thread every now and then

It has been viewed again!


I blame Bob

But yeah, devs are (quite rightly) too busy working on Disney heroes , puzzle force and presumably the next game after that …

Given there’s been no server 12 yet, or even announced as coming, I guess we will just end up with three, then two servers as the player base slowly shrinks and shrinks until it’s just us usual suspects , all being funded by epidemic and eog :wink:


We are in agreement.
But still… Siiiighhhhhh

“Lack of communication, back off…” Busy is as busy does…it bee the buzz of busy-ness. Still though some is better than none; more is bestest. Server 12 for the lady at tables 1-9 pronto

There is no server 12.

We got 11.
That’s more than a lot of games get.

Not yet Mici. But where you go the crowd follows and your words are not always whispers in deafness a shout :blush:

Think we should be thankful for the quality time the devs gave us, now PerBlue becomes succesful and just becomes like the other money-focused game companies, first out of need and then out of greed eventually. But yeah hope they get a server 12, or better yet a long-term solution to keep people from leaving and still being attractive to new players (the ones who come for the free hack/diamonds and decide to stay :P)

The sole purpose of this game is to make money.

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Of course the main purpose is that.
They are a games company after all.
They aren’t doing this for funsies.

However, in order to make the most money, they have to make the most entertaining and addicting games that they can, so more players play more and spend more.