Which is the best guild for a new player on Server 9?

Any suggestions may be helpful. What are the perks of joining a guild on PQ as there were “instant/easy” perks on DS that required very little effort?

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How new?
How active is the player?
Do they use a chat app?
What is their level?

Talk to “I blame Bob” in the super guild.
That crazy person took two level 30 players when their level requirement was over 100.

Who on earth does something like that?

Oh… Wait …


Uhm really?

You know we can see how long you have been playing right?

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Not trying to push it but over on our guild called KALILA, we are an easy bunch and always helping out those who are wanting to learn. Alot of people try to recruit me because my power level is pushing 1 million and seeing someone like me with a small group drives them crazy. I am very comfortable beinging
with a small group

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But can you also see how long I have not been in a guild Turt? Or are you friends with Alexa and know how much or little I have played in that duration? Ran a guild like that over at DS and so I hear you D_G_P . Not all guilds pop up when Guild button is hit so thanks . :grin: as always Pix. I had heard before that Adam’s guild was best…

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My guilds are the best

Who are you going to believe lol?

Mi gremio es el mejor gremio hispano.

Min “guild” er den bedste I hele Skandinavien, de nordiske lande og selve vikinge landet Danmark


One of those players you knew, though, right :kissing_heart::wink:

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The other one was a leader from my S1 guild.

But still.
I took two level 30 players :wink:

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Tbf, that level 30 is already at 108. Slower than if money were spent, but not toooo slowly.

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Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Perhaps one day, someone from molon labe will explain that to me.
But it sounded appropriate here :slight_smile:


Hmmm…uhm we’ve maybe time to stray back to OT. What about the benes, for those who’ve played DS, are they similar or only performance based.

I’ve not played DS, but being in a decent guild is vital to playing for me. I’m not competitive, but I do play. So, if I’m on a guild with a bunch of people who don’t ever do much, I can’t stand it. But, you need rewards from fortress guild contests and portal lords events, not to mention war. I notice the disadvantage of a bad guild most in fortress. It takes teamwork and the rewards help a lot in gameplay.

Also, a good guild will have most of its perks bought and earn guild influence quickly to buy new ones as they come out or stock the shop if that matters to them. More guild perks benefits all players in their individual game play as well.

I hope this helps.

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We’re migrants from Dragonsoul also. My cap is 85, but I have made exception for others that have migrated as well. We were on server 1 @ DS, top 10% so though we are new here, we know what to do. If interested, please look us up. Dragonses, sv9. I am WitchyPoo, mention this and I will let you in! PS, my perks are near maxed, so the extra rewards are pretty good in my guild! Best of luck to you!

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Well obviously the best guild is 420 on s9
I am there commander and it is what other guilds wish to be like lol jkjkjk

We are top of the league
And if u lvl high enough hit me up for a spot ok

Baronet Smiley

Mi gremio es team paladins y no creo que haya un gremio de habla hispana mejor:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::mueca:

You’ll be a lot happier if you don’t try to compare PQ to DS.
There are some bones that are similar but it’s just not the same game.

To answer the question though, PQ has a lot more guild based activities than DS ever did.
Portal Lords, Guild Contest, Guild Perks, Fortress, War.

If you’re not playing with other people you’re missing out on a huge part of the game.