Which troops are the best for end team?


Which troops are to best to level up for final team?
And which shouldn’t even be touched?


depends on the server you’re on, cause if it’s a newer one, ya kinda stuck with quite a few older heroes who become useless in the future.


Front lines:
Panther Dragoon cog Lion maiden wander ice owl

Back lines:
Pony wisp nightstalker Dragon twins oasis monk bowman fox hermit bird punk

There’s enough heroes to make your four lines.

By the time you get there, it will probably have all changed.
And I am waiting for people to tell me I’m wrong lol…


I hope I mixed them up enough so people don’t say I’m giving away secrets.



(this thing just asked me if I made a complete sentence when I tried to send one word lol)


New heroes are great too, Forgotten and Siren, though not must haves.


All heroes are useful not useless


Everyone is powerful


Those secrets need to be found!



Those all you got? I’d work on Light Warden, Salty Merc, Brawler and Hunter. Unfortunately, only Light Warden will make it to the end game.