Who is Weapon X and why does he know everything I'm doing


So, today I had something quite interesting take place on server 8 in the main chat. Being my guild that I started is called Gods of Portal I decided to fork over a hundred diamonds and change my name from “The Bomb Vault” to simply “I AM”. If you aren’t up on your religious studies i can explain the pun upon request.

Anyway, I think it would be quite humorous to myself and, most likely myself alone, if I were to prance over to the chat and start off with a “Hello Children” to all the chatters already talking about absolutely nothing. So as the idea was thought it played out. Not as spectacular as I guessed it would have just prior. I was met with quite a few hellos and hi’s (all of which I assumed didn’t get it), one quick witted PQP (Portal Quest Player) that responded with an even more actually humorous “hello chef”. I laughed and responded appropriately with a lol.


A relatively new player pops in the chat named Weapon X and the first thing that spews out his finger tips into the chat wall is and I quote; “hope you fall in the toilet” followed by “tips his hat”. This wouldn’t be such a big deal as is, but at that very moment I was sitting on the toilet. (I post apologize for any mental image I just created). I pretty much shrugged that off, finished up in the lil’ boys room, and walked out to my kitchen and leaned on my stove. Seconds later he once again, now more seemingly directed towards me with a very accurate wish of harm, “get burnt by a stove, good day”… “Tips his hat”. At this point, my Spidey senses are going crazy. This is to coincidental. Well, he directly says to me “I’m watching you, I AM” and I respond with a confused “No sir, I am watching you” thinking this all has to be a coincidence. Then the confirmation it is no such thing and I very well may be being watched occurs…

My dog (Sparky) which is a pomchi, (lil annoying barking at everything Pomeranian and Chihuahua mixed) starts running around the second floor (hardwood) of my three story home. This dog if you have ever met him you could never forget. He has that type of personality. And sadly, for me, he is also know to pee on the floor regularly in which I’m always having to clean up and complaining about to close personal friends of mine. In chimes Weapon X, with final and now becoming scary “Hope your dog pees on you, Tips hat, Good day”…

Now I’m freaking out. I wouldn’t be if someone like my gf, friend, anyone for that matter was here as well at the time but that just isn’t the case. I was home by my lonesome…and the dog… Which I’m pretty sure isn’t playing Portal Quest. It is possible it is someone who knows me very well, but not if they weren’t in the house to see me doing all the prior mentioned scenerio right? I dunno if I’m asking a question or just seeing what anyones two cents on this matter may be. How could this be possible to pull off unless, somehow they are watching me through a camera? I’m at a loss for words. What say you?



I have no words right now


My money is on the dog. I’ve been shown many a photo from @Oasis_Is_Finesse which have proven a dog’s ability to run dungeon for oneself.


LMAO. Yeah your prob right (as he is sitting directly in front of me creepily staring at me)


Try asking him, if that doesn’t help, hit me up and i’ll beat him


Too much playing pq… You accidentally opened the portal to the hollow, and the hollow version of you is reaching out. I’d recommend not falling into the trap, we’ve lost a lot of players that way.


Next time… Go to the toilet in the kitchen sink. You’ll know if he’s truly watching you then.


As the proud owner of a yappy, pees when excited chihuahua, I am convinced the answer to the question you’re not sure you’re asking is pretty obvious. The hat tip was a dead give away.


How was the hat tip a dead giveaway. I’m lost. I don’t know who was behind it but I know for sure it was being done. Just moments ago and by the way this is an update. I was playing a game and all of a sudden a could hear a man’s voice talking over top of the games background sounds ext.


I’ve heard about this before. People can see you through your camera. You must be pretty special for them to pick you.


Can we be serious here just for one moment. Yeah I know this is humorous to everyone, but it’s actually really happening to me and I’m trying to figure out wtf is going on. If there is something I don’t know that someone else does how about tipping that hat directly in a message.


I thought you were joking.

If you really feel as if you are in danger, call the police.


I don’t so much feel in danger, basically because it’s most likely some wanna be hacker that is having fun in his parents basement. But it is definitely enough to give one a panic attack, so much so I feel I need to go into source and write a few codes of my own as lil Easter eggs to be sent to all the ip addresses involved. I don’t know how much danger I truly could be in. But, none of this is a joke. This all actually did happen. Not only that but about two hours ago. There were about ten different accounts communicating on the chat wall in server 8 that were all involved with this and no one else was chatting. So either, 1 I was being prevented from seeing anyone else’s chat. Or 2. they had completely took it over either forcefully or just out of shear amusement from everyone else to the point no one else chatted but just watched as I did.


Wow. That’s crazy.


Tell me about it. I had downloaded the discord app this morning for another game forum and I have a suspicion it has to do with that. Being the app has a streaming capability for gaming. This allowed the app to access my microphone and screen images. And had been turned on since the moment I downloaded it without any knowledge it even has this option. Nor did this app ask “permission” to do such task as most apps do.

Keep in mind this is the DiscordApp. Not discourse app.

If you are curious to know, the game that I think caused all this was Merge Dragons


Interesting. I’ll keep that in mind.


Final update this crazy day. All had been solved and taken care of. Simply by uninstalling the prior stated discord app. Haven’t had even the slightest unusual occurrence since. I still wonder how they knew what room and where in the room I was though.


Interesting. Highly unlikely, but interesting none the less.


Oh no! I just downloaded and started playing this yesterday (trying to be f2p on s9)! Do you think I’m in danger? I also have discord. Please let me know how to proceed! In the meantime, I’ll be watching chat for hat tippers.


Damn, this is a pro plot for a horror, thriller movie. Kudos to Weapon X