Who is Weapon X and why does he know everything I'm doing


It’s probably your neighbor if you live in an apartment and they can hear your movements most apartments in an apartment complex are set up similarly so it’s not hard for someone to know where you are in that situation


That’s true. I own a 3 story town home so it’s very possible.


Just so we are clear everyone. This really did happen. I know we all made humorous responses which gave the impression this didn’t actually happen but don’t be fooled by the responses. This truly did happen.


I am slightly famous and people do know who I am especially in the area. But across the globe as well. Want to emphasize the word slightly though.


It’s possible that there’s some person out there who follows what you do and takes their fandom far beyond what would be considered normal. All I’ll say is that if stuff like this happens again (and you’re positive it’s not someone you know messing with you) you should call the police.


I wouldn’t worry about it, Aaron.


I’m UK based, so I would struggle to get to fort Lauderdale…


I was serious in my response.
Do something crazy!
Whoever spills the beanzzzzz… It was them!


Are you the Geico lizard?


So far I haven’t had any other issues. “Weapon X” is now in my friends list, yet I’ve never actually spoke to them. I feel in wasn’t anything more than a “look what I can do” troll. Either way all has been well with no more reoccurrence.


lololol who reported these posts?!?! :joy:


They need to live a little… don’t knock it til ya try it!


Never have I ever…
@Jenk I am shocked!

Also… pics or it didn’t happen… :wink:


Got me. Don’t know why they would be


Boredom works strange miracles eh?!


Some one has hacked your phone camera. Cover it with a peice of electrical tape. And chat with him again. Bet he has nothing much to say.


Close but no cigar. Anyone with common sense could pull these incorrect demographics off. But I commend the effort.


It’s your Google account details Hun.
You should update them.


Aaaannnndddd… Thank you :slight_smile:


Have you had any more issues with WeaponX? Because I swear I saw him in global chat today. I was frankly a little frightened and went ahead and covered my camera with duct tape. Just in case.