Who is Weapon X and why does he know everything I'm doing


Never have I ever…
@Jenk I am shocked!

Also… pics or it didn’t happen… :wink:


Got me. Don’t know why they would be


Boredom works strange miracles eh?!


Some one has hacked your phone camera. Cover it with a peice of electrical tape. And chat with him again. Bet he has nothing much to say.


Close but no cigar. Anyone with common sense could pull these incorrect demographics off. But I commend the effort.


It’s your Google account details Hun.
You should update them.


Aaaannnndddd… Thank you :slight_smile:


Have you had any more issues with WeaponX? Because I swear I saw him in global chat today. I was frankly a little frightened and went ahead and covered my camera with duct tape. Just in case.


I didn’t know what on earth to think.

Was it just me, or was there something odd with their name?


there they are… Whoever they are


Weapon x is real happened to me as well