Who spends guild perks


would like to see somehow who spends the guild perks & on what. know is posted for a very brief time on wall tab. but since leaders are only ines that can purchase how about it showing in leader tab?


Why, does it matter that you can see it in leader chat?
Just look at your perks or take a screenshot of it
Or are your members not allowed to see it?


Pin the thing when it appears.
Then it will never leave.


because leader chats stay on the tab longer.
taking a screen shot of the perks a guild has does not show who purchased them.
would have pinned in on wall tab if would have seen it. That is my issue, that never saw it posted & want to know who spent.
maybe just leaders should be allowed to spend the guild perk points.


Demote your commanders?

Clearly one of them shouldn’t be trusted with the rank.


commanders and war chiefs can spend guild perks. cant demote all of them.


If you haven’t seen it, probably means a commander deleted the message,
You should talk with your team about it


You can demote them all.
Then put them back up one by one.

Just ask them all who bought them


If you read the wall in time you’ll see who spends the perks. And yes. You can demote all commanders and war chiefs


have asked all…not all replying…with holiday checked in about every other day for few days…older messages are still posted so seems was deleted…only thing left is to demote all & slowly reappoint rank…thats a pain in the tush…but only thing left…
thank you all whom replied with thoughts…sucks cant count on players even in a flipping game…


I know. Its even worse when you find out it was someone you thought you could trust


Guilds don’t buy guild perks, people buy guild perks.


yes i know this oaisis…thats the issue…have posted on leader tab that all ranks would discuss what we should spend guild perks on. not just one person should decide what to spend on.