Who's best against sparky

Who’s best against Sparky


But, seriously…
Depends if there’s a cleric and/or tree in the line with him.

Other than that, sparky isn’t that scary

kill him fast and he’s fine. once he gets dodging he is a royal pain.

use heroes with burst attacks (so thick skull doesn’t tank as much) like monk, nightstalker, or spiny

another tactic is to stop him getting energy, some good toons for this are shield, tabbi and punk. also consider stunning him with eg brogue or valk.

heavy hitters like merc don’t work because of thick skull

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Seriously, SPOILERS dude @Specs

People not on S1 won’t have worked out tree brogue tabbigail Valkyrie punk yet…



It was for a clean that had sparky, cleric and valk. Used ice, axe, saber, bazooka and swash.

Only killed cleric

Goon smashes sparky

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anything with valk or sparky in you’re best to use lion ee :slight_smile:

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