Whos this gear for?


Have you ever come across those epic gear shards, and wonder, which one is this for? In the soon near future could the makers make it so it would be easier to identify, if the heros name was on those epic gear shards. Maybe we will see it and make it better for the game.


I, too, get confused about epic gear.


Mostly no
I just look at them and think “hmmm I got a lot of epic shards, ok”

Most of the times I don’t care

But your idea sounds good, should be easy for PB to make


A couple of things

  1. Mainly you only get epic scraps in the dungeon.
    For the five heroes you’ve taken in there.

  2. I only worry about how many scraps I have for a hero when it’s time to attach them.
    Which the forge has a handy red dot
    (Pesky red dots, I know, but actually useful here)

  1. If you really pick up a random scrap from a daily quest, or a contest, you could always just look in the hero description, on the epic tab?


P.s. per blue, I am not a fan of putting the name of the hero on the epic scrap.
The names are long enough already.


Helios made a list
This List


This happens to me as well… usually I figure I don’t need it if I don’t know who it is for, as I must not use that hero much. But lately I am going back into the screen mici mentioned all the time to see what is for who.


I just memorized all the skills so I can look at the scrap and know who it goes to… If I don’t recognize it is the new hero … Definitely been making it a bit easier with the shards for diamonds deals they’ve been running