Why does the dungeon reboot?


While playing in the dungeon, the game reboots. You lose torches and power. What and the hell is going on ahh!!!. Thanks for letting me vent lol

This is for you to vent!!


You should submit a bug report using the in game support function.


Thank you, I will try it don’t know how everything goes yet.
Thanks again


It doesn’t work. They say they’re going to fix bugs they know about, but they persist and get worse.


Reply to old posts.
That should fix it.


I don’t see how replying to an old message can fix a problem with dungeon rebooting improperly


I don’t see how it is so hard for sarcasm to travel on the internet.
But it never does reach the target :frowning:


Too bad, some of us are very fluent in sarcasm, but others just don’t get it