Why I am playing this game

Well I’m only playing this to get to lvl.10 to play Fortnite but I guess I could stay

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Spoiler Alert

Fortnite is a dying game, so please stop, get some help


Spoiler alert

This “game” Is a constant growing grind, money and time sink and you should get out now, before you’re addicted to the incremental improvements…


It’s too late for us.

Save yourselves!


Stabbing westward. Save yourself. Great song.

This game sucks ,and dont even try to do this you will get trapped in the endless loop

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We’re still here.

I found this game to be a liesurely waste of time initially. It does become addictive and you think there may be a way to the top. There is no way, unless you have experienced the grind you have no idea. Happy hunting cause the only folks that might read this are already entrapped

Turtle is not trapped
Turtle was trapped
Turtle found the way out
Turtle is hiding

I have a picture of a turtle :turtle:

Not again.

No, no and no.
That’s not a Turtle

no :slight_smile:

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Pixie Mici is bad at lurking

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It’s a scam, also that’s cool that u play Fortnite

Not, ummm…not and nope not!!!