Why the other team starts with 100 points


Can anyone answer why in guild wars the other team starts with 100 points?? Is it because WE are attacking them??


Pics or it didn’t happen.
One like this would be good.

Because they don’t.


I think this happens if you have a mage tower, but without any teams in it. That means it’s instantly defeated, giving them points. To fix it yourself, simply make sure you have at least one lineup in each mage tower.

Also, submit a bug report, since they should add this to their to-do list to fix.


I didn’t think you could start a war with an empty tower, else I would have thought that.

That’s why I asked for a picture of their war map.


Ok. Next war ill take a picture n hopefully that helps youe answers. Cheers


@Grumpy_Old_Man_II did you have any empty towers? Like pp mentioned, potentially you unlocked a mage, but dont have a team placed in it? I didnt think would let you queue with an empty either, but maybe it does if it is a mage?


You can do it if nobody bothered to actually look at it before queueing, I guess it presumes someone is already there. (Or unlocking it after queueing) For some reason a lot of players seem to think it’s supposed to be a passive accessory. Hey, free points for me! :joy:


It happens if they have mage towers and you dont. To balance the 100 points you will get for taking out said tower.