Why was I silenced in public chat?


I did nothing wrong and im chat silenced. Ive been silenced for about 5 days and im still silenced. I need help, i did nothing wrong and im getting mad that i was punished because someone else reported me for some stupid thing. Can anyone that can unsilence me please help me?

Why was I permanently chat silenced?

You can use the in-game support ticket system to discuss and appeal it.


“I did nothing wrong”
“Some stupid thing”

Seems legit.

I’ve been silenced twice.
Once for chatting in recruit tab.
Once for flirting.
I successfully submitted a ticket and it was revoked.
If you honestly feel hard done to, go fight your case.
They will lift silenced people, if on review they agree that the original silence was heavy handed.

But be prepared to have your conversation quoted back to you, word for word, just the bits you Said, with none of the context around it.

That can be an eye opener, lol.
And there’s no use in complaining…
"… unless moaning counts" :wink:


Survivor of numerous silences across most servers :grin:
Micis right
They will use your words against you and backlogs of chat data are kept in reserve

I’ve fought some of mine and when presented with what I’d listed …
Ahhh drat … really I did that :thinking:
Bugger silence was warranted :joy::joy:


Is having a player name “JingleBallsJitSu” really that bad?



Im trying to find where I submit a ticket. I dont know where to do that. Because, how long is your 3rd time being chat silenced go for?


A third silence … Erm I think first is hour or changes to 8
Next is one day ban
Week long I think is 3rd depending on severity of what was flagged as inappropriate
I have had a 3 day silence but that was a long time ago

To make a ticket @Christo1221
Click hero icon top left main screen
Scroll down you’ll see support
Ticket making is in there
Either pick a topic to bring up from the list or click the chat bubble thingy top right to go right into ticket mode :wink:


Good thing this isn’t DS! You can be permanently booted from Forum without explanation for disagreeing with one of their hypocritical Mods friends. And Support…don’t get me started! PB Support is far superior.


But what about “JangleBallsJitSu”?? :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Edit: I just realized how old this post is. Lolol