Wiki - need some images, can devs help?

I find myself in need of a few images for our new Wiki. I went through every patch note ever posted and got what I can, but I’m still missing a few that would make the wiki look extra pretty. I’m hoping a member of PQ staff could help me out? I’ve done a lot by screenshotting my own game but some of these don’t look quite right when you do that, such as the epic gear images (they have that scrap icon covering part of the picture, etc).

Let me know if you can help! Thank you!

Here’s what I need:

Transparent images for:
Boss Key
Epic Key

Images for items:
Enchanted Torch
Enchanted Lockpicks
Boots of Speed
Double Gear Scraps

Epic gear images for:
Staff of the Turtle (Forest Hermit)
Dueling Pistol (Highwayman)
Gluttonous Claws (Howling Claw)
Vial of Tears (Oasis Guardian)
Autocrossbow (Rogue Bowman)
Gorgon Zola (Scion of Chaos)
Durandal (Swashbuckler)
Ocarina of Space (Wander Woman)


O’rlyeh or Polaris come out from your lurking spot

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@OhRlyeh @Polaris

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Thanks for the tags guys!

I have a bunch of skills I could use high quality images for as well, but I’m not as worried about those since I do have my ones I got from the game - they’re just not as good as the patch note ones. Everything I need is usually listed here on the wiki. Ignore the “To Do” section, that’s for me. :slight_smile:


Making the images transparent isn’t the hard part (Even I can do that)
But getting high quality pictures is little harder when you have to screenshot from phone quality

But the Wiki is getting pretty big
Very well done @Alice5150
You should be proud of yourself
With that much amount of dedication

Thanks so much Turtle. I’m really enjoying it, but even more so that my work is being noticed. :smiley:

And I suppose I can mess around with Paint 3D, I found out the other day it can do transparency. I am no good at GIMP or Photoshop but I’ve been using MS Paint since the 90’s! lol

Haha Paint can work

But let’s hope one of the devs come and help, so you have less stuff to think about

Found a list written by Helios

The epic gear isn’t colored, but the quality seems good :wink:
Also I found some images
It’s not much, but I hope it helps…

Thanks, someone else pointed those out to me too. I don’t know how I missed them the first time around! I got them on the Dungeon page. And I figured out how to make a transparent background for the other images. Woohoo!

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