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Hey there, :grinning:

First of all, I really enjoy playing the game and appreciate the effort you put into it.

Keep up the awesome work! :tada: :fireworks:

This beeing said I was looking for some information beyond the things in the game and searched for something like a wiki.
Because I didn’t find something satisfying I started my own and within the next few days I want to put everything there a player might want to look up.

Other players are welcome to help out, if they like this idea.

@Ironangel / @OhRlyeh
As I’m just about to start I first want to clear some things.
Am I allowed to upload some pictures from the game to help better understand things and make it look smoother?
Further more, would it be possible to provied some pictures from the dev team that help me out, to make it an even better place for our community (and relieve some work I have to do manually)
I also got some questions which I want to verify before spreading wrong information.
Are you the one I could ask?
One example: “Besides aspects, the elves vs. dwarves dmg modifier, is this implemented, or just an idea or for an upcoming patch?” (or is it top secret?!) :fearful::blush:

thanks in advance,
greetings from the Grizzl :slight_smile:

Any way to see hero's original stats?

Awesome, @Grizzl!

I can look into helping with images. If you let me know what images in particular, I should be able to help.

Asking questions here is fine - at this point, only the Aspects is implemented - no racial bonuses.


Thanks for the reply. :grin:
First of all a set of pictures would be great from each Hero one. Maybe the one when you first get a Hero or when it gets promoted.
And maybe a second set as portrait with only their head.
Last but not least it would absolutely be awesome if you could get your hands on some Icon pictures like the status: stunned, blinded and so on. Because it’s really annoying to Screenshot them and edit with my poor Paint skills, you know? :joy:
Greetings =)


I guess because of the new war update you also were pretty busy. But were you already able to ask for some picutres.
This weekend I really want to make progress and isnert all heroes and create their pages.
Would be awesome if I already got some pictures, too.
Thanks, Grizzl :slight_smile:


@Grizzl I kind of struggle to know where I can get hero shards. A really nice addition to the wiki would be where to find heroes. Namely I really want Princess Portal :wink:


I agree that would be a good addition to it, but for now you can also find it yourself in game.

If you click a hero and go to stats, you can see from which elite campaign levels you can obtain shards for that hero, and you can see the challenges or shops that provide shards for that hero. All heroes’ shards can come from gold chests.

Princess Portal shards can be obtained from a gold chest and in the war shop.


that’s true, last two weeks I didn’t have much time, but maybe this weekend I’ll add some more content to it


I’m happy to help with the wiki (done lots of edits on Dragonsoul’s) .

I requested Art Assets from PBTara but no response.

If someone from PB could provide Art Assets i could get templates and content up pretty fast




What up pope!

edit: actually had to double check what forum I was on when I saw your post, lol


Bit the bullet on PQ when server 2 opened up with a bunch of guild mates.

Edit: Having fun but feeling like a noob again.


For now I’ve uploaded some screen grabs:


I would also be very interested in helping to make this wiki. I’m not super high level but I could certainly make things easier for new players by answering some of those simple questions. I’ll go make some additions and see what you guys think. Thinking about writing a FAQ


I can help with any information needed on the Wiki, but besides that I don’t plan to be all too involved in it.

I fully support it though.


Info’s not really the issue. Its getting the templates and stuff in there to make updating easy.

I’ve added an infobox for heroes that allows the user to easily create and update a hero display.

Going to need admin access for somethings I have planned if @Grizzl could oblige

Here’s an example of the Infobox which is much prettier if I do say so myself.


allright, I promoted you to an admin. thanks for helping out.
I also planned to make one site (starting with Princess Portal) and if I’m happy with the structure it’s just copy pasting to make the others and I already have the data in an excel sheet.
I really like that info box you put in there.
Next steps would be: “list of items to add to promote” already have them in my list too :slight_smile:


The issue with gear is there’s a lot of it and without help from PB / @Ironangel its an exhaustive task to put together the images.For Dragonsoul I believe Andy @ PB uploaded a huge image care package. Would be nice if we could get that for PQ.


I have a todo, hopefully for this week, to try to get you some assets! Sorry for the delay :slight_smile:

Any tips for a new player?

completely and entirely unrelated, gg in war! everyone attacking keep complained about how nasty the teams were to take down, especially the cleanup.


Thx @Ironangel

The most cumbersome images are the Items, Skills and player portraits but handy stuff to have would include Currency icons and Combat Effect Icons.

Even if you could just provide the sprite sheets for such item’s I’d be happy to do the cropping and naming.

I’ve prepped the wiki with templates for the heroes (in previous post above) as well as for items

My pics are crap resolution due to being screen caps. Any help is much appreciated.


Last week got eaten, but good news! We got on top of tickets, so I should have more bandwidth this week.