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Glad to hear it… was thinking about bumping … but you cut me off. :wink:


Hey guys, I know this is an old post and I’m bumping it out of the grave here, but I’d really like to get my hands on this wiki. I can do a lot more with admin access, if there’s anyone available who can give that to me, or even full ownership. I have extensive professional and personal wiki experience and as you can see I’ve made lots of updates to already. It’s starting to look good!

@Grizzl let me know if you’re still around and can help me out!


I think Grizzl died (Not been active for months)

But a wiki does sound good
When I started PQ there was a lot of stuff I wanted to find out, but couldn’t

Idk how wikis work, but perhaps you could start a new wiki?, because the owner is gone


Btw if you need information or pictures about stuff, I would be happy to help you


Thank you!

And yeah, he’s been gone a long time. The wiki has great groundwork though so I definitely don’t want to abandon it. Maybe @CyberPope has admin access?


CyperPope died 2 years ago… (last activity 2017)
The chance of him seeing this is 0,0000001


Dang, I guess I could be checking this stuff on my own. Well maybe I’ll get ahold of Wikia and see if they can help. I think they have a process for this.


True, there might be a chance
The owners haven’t touched it for years
and you made extremely many impressive edits less than 24 hours


Thank you, this is one of my hobbies, as weird as it is! Haha


Hi @Alice5150
yes, it’s true, I stopped playing the game, If you want to have admin access or improve the wiki, feel free :smiley:
Greetings, Grizzl


He checked his mail :smiley:
Now it’s your chance to


@Grizzl Yay! Thanks for replying. I can’t quite remember exactly how to make someone an admin but this is me:

If it gives you the option for bureaucrat AND admin, that will give me the same rights as you, since “Founder” (you) doesn’t have an extra privileges above those. Or if you can’t figure it out, Wikia has an adoption process I can use after editing the wiki for one week. Thanks for your previous work, I’m using the heck out of it!


@Alice5150 allright, I made you an administrator. Hope it worked, but as you already saw, you still can contact me :wink:


Thank you so much! <3


Wow! Grizzl still lives and breathes! It’s been a long time! Nice to see you again.


Jenni, i think that means Grizz is coming back to the game. :wink:



I get thanks bro, you get ******** Jenni lol

Think I’d prefer yours


You haven’t changed a bit, lol. :flushed::flushed::flushed: