Wild Wild Hero Essences?

I have quite a lot of Wild Wild Essences, why can’t I use them?

Are there limits as to where or at what Honor-level they can be used?

Please help me understand this!


You need to upgrade the level on them to suit the slots you want to fit them in.

I.e they would work on tier 1 honour level but say you want to use for a level 2-12 tier you’d have to use xp to upgrade them to be able to attach them

A wild wild will fit any slot on any hero… Just be cautious on the amount of xp you spend to level up them.
I never max all essences level anymore… Used to but its very pricey if you do so


If you’re asking why autoplace doesn’t use wild wild essences, it does, but wild wild are the highest value essence and therefore saved for last

If you can’t use them at all, then you’ll have to level them up to the required level.

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Just to make sure I understand you.

If I ant them to show up on the Selection Screen, I have to Update them?

I would have thought that they would show up and then I could select it, if I wanted to use it.

Is there a limit as to how many Essences are shown in the Selection Screen?

So what you are saying, is that the Selection Screen shows the least Valuable Essences first, even though they Level 11, before it shows the Wild Wild ones - Correct?

No, I was referring to the autofill function because I totally forgot you could manually set them :sweat_smile:

If you want them to show up in the selection screen you’ll have to manually level them up in your inventory like Cotton said.

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OK, thank you (both) for clearing this up for me!

A bit cumbersome, but at least now I know.

Yeah it’s tedious…
But it will save xp long term if done manually :wink:

No it won’t
They fixed that for you a couple of updates ago

So what you’re saying Mici, is that it is (now) tedious and pointless…

What I’m saying is that the auto fill and max all buttons that per blue added, work very well.

I have no qualms clicking them for all the heroes that I put essences on.

They pick sensible essences, and fill them correctly, without over filling and wasting a drop of exp.

I am saying that it is (now no longer) as tedious as it used to be to equip essences.

How pointless the extra bonuses and levelling up the honour skill is… Well that’s another discussion!

You should always use wild wild essences last!!!
If you have a more specific essence that will fill the space , use that.
The bonus doesn’t change, and the wild wild essence will fill a slot later on, where you don’t have any of the specific essences needed there…

So even if a Non-Wild is of a (much) higher rating, then it is better to use that, in stead of a Wild one.




You can always raise the rating of an essence with exp.

You can’t change the nature of an essence

Of course you can’t change the nature of an Essence :slight_smile:

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