Will I change my mind?

Those of you who have helped me out at any point in the last couple years, thank you very much.

To those whom I’ve assisted in game, you are most welcome.

This game has evolved into one which makes me proud to be have been part of its early days.
Awesome community of players
Brilliant team at PerBlue too

And now it’s time for me to wish you all the best of luck in the future,

Im leaving competitive playing, I’m leaving portal quest.



Sad Turtle



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:sob: :sneezing_face:

Keep searching for the rainbow. I hope you consider trying new war (on server 1) before leaving the party. Either way, I wish you well!

~Insert Bitcoin

Pesky people that actually make it out :frowning:

Quitting is easy. I know several people playing right now (myself included) who have successfully done it at least once.

Gah…Hausakluiff and now you Cotton. I feel the mobi reaper coming for me. Farewell fine furry friend

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Have heard a lot of people on the edge of quitting.
Too much same same. Nothing new, and change of war is not new. Hint hint nudge nudge

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See you in a week @Cottontail :sweat_smile:

But seriously, if not. Wish you all the best mate :+1:

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