Will s8 and s11 merge?

almost a month ago, I saw someone mention that s8 and s11 will be merging soon and getting the Red rank and all these other things s8 has.
Another person said that PerBlue has been planning it for months.

Will that be happening? because I see no signs of them merging any time soon.

I hope you meant s10, since it would otherwise put a… very high burden on the people of s11. Only thing I heard is that s8 may possibly merge with s1 somewhere in the future, but as with all things nothing is certain, especially with rumors like these. A merge of s10& 11 would be more likely maybe.

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Look at the cap levels difference between servers.

Ten and eleven would probably be the first to merge.

Eight and ten are so far apart, that there will probably be a new game ready before they would be mergeable, so I would be surprised if enough of us are all still here playing for per blue to justify doing it before they close the game.

There has been a “hard border” in between servers 1-7 and 8+, due to the difference in stamina economy caused by the original orange rarity grind.
This has been apparent in the difference between the amount of deals (and their content!) on S1 and the other servers.

If S8 was to merge with S1, per blue would be giving away so much more resources per dollar to those players than they do now.

While people are still spending on s8, a merge with S1 is not going to ever happen.


Ppl still buying on s8? Shit I gave up buying anything on s8 only thing I’m sure that is being bought consistently is the 4.99 deals that deal out bonus stam. After that. Shiiiiiiiiit most my guildmates n former guildmates all became f2p but that’s what I’ve noticed I cant possibly know that everyone does. But when these talks about a healthy server comes up which it hasnt in awhile usually means the server in question 1 n 8 are declining again.



Didnt say she still buying for all we know she hoards chests prob got like 5000 of each chest. N prob has over 100k stam. And I was being sarcastic in part of my response lol

Am spending implies present tense

Lol u got that I didnt notice the continuation… lol I concede but not everyone lol

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