WizhList Feelings


Since there is not a feelings corner I’ll ask here, how do you feel about the WizhList? What would you add?


OK stop making posts now


Ummm… then the forums would be empty?


Justice for Mo!!!


PB keeps sending me here so I thought I would take this time to ask questions that are important to me. I’m hoping you all share my interests. :wink::joy:


Ever heard of the boy who cried Wolf?


No. No no. No no, no mo.

There’s no limit.

Techno, techno, techno, techno.


Were they called Peter?


I have very strong feelings about the Wizh List. My only regret is that it needs more Mo. He needs more love. He needs more power to kill his Mo Foes! Respect for Mo!


…well someone lacked an education


Went for humour over acknowledging a troll


Maybe I had a greater education than you?


While people prefer the more recent recordings, I still love my narrator as sir Peter ustinov.

My father must have got tired of the amount of times he had to listen to this with me…

He gave me the vinyl when I moved out.
It still has pride of place in my collection.


I’d make it shorter. It needs an editor.


You tried very hard, pathetic specimen xd


But it covers all of the important points :open_mouth: There’s a better way to reduce its length :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was told we had no down vote button because it promotes negativity… weellll…