Wouldn t it be great if we could individually level up our heroes?


To level up a hero in portal quest, is just grinding, using xp n upgrade their skills. Wouldn t it be awesome, if we have the opportunity to level them up individually?

Some of us like specific heroes, but they r just to weak. Instead of new heros, just implement magic rolls or boxes, etc… that could change the heroes we already have.

That never ending grind has just become so huge, that most players always thinking to quit. Instead of grinding with 10k stam packs, just change the way to level them up.

For example… if u level all ur heroes max 0+7 the next step shouldn t be o+8?! Just make a final step to gold and level 150, and let the player decide on how to make the heroes stronger. There r so many ways to create synergys with other heroes, etc.
The way to make things better is just to be more creative n not to implement more heroes with more grind. Make a cut n change the way to improve, it is more than enough for new player, to reach at that level.

Save Portal Quest!!!


It wouldn’t.

I’m going to have to write some more words.
But you should ignore them, and concentrate on those three up there.


So u find it great… the endless grinding n tapping using stam packs? How many heroes do u want? 150, each with a gazillion items needed? Some of us need to work n couldn t be on 24h a day😶…

Its just an idea on how to make things better


I do think that a short cut should be implemented. But whatever I think of just is… stupid… at first I thought… if one finds a hero, why can’t that hero automatically be at the lvl the player’s team lvl should be, but that would make hero xp pointless and useless-- unless it was used in a different area of the game. But that would in turn bring a new grind, and probably one that’s worse than what we have now…

Just look at the dungeon… it wasn’t originally intended to be a grind, but now it is.