XP from Dungeon fights


Why can’t we gain xp when we win dungeon fights? Surely it would be an incentive for us to play the dungeon more often.


Right now, the dungeon is mostly optional. Adding XP would put pressure on us to use all our torches. I like doing one level a day and more only when I feel like it.


And adding xp would, once again, make skipping floors a total waste of torches…

And even if there’s xp you could still postpone the day you use all of your torches.


Why would adding xp put pressure on you to use torches?
You either dungeon, or you don’t. I try to, as it helps with influence.
If there was xp for the fights, I would dungeon more yes. But because it would be an actual help in levelling my heroes, rather than a random gear gamble like it is now.

Please do this!


Try thinking about it. Right now, you can just skip the first 40 floors (in sets of 5) and not miss anything valuable. With xp, doing each and every floor is a major advantage because of all the xp you wouldn’t get when you skip floors. It’d basically just make the whole floor skipping mechanism useless because you’d miss so much xp using it.


Try thinking about it?
Yeah, try taking a long walk off a short pier…

It would still be optional. No one is forcing you to gain that experience. Just skip it.
But for those that are doing the dungeon anyway, it would be a nice bonus.


It seems you took my comment a little more hostile than it was intended. I’m not saying not gaining xp would be unfair to those who just don’t do dungeon, that is, indeed, their own choice. But the fact that PerBlue gave us the option to skip a floor (and that they even improved the option when it appeared to be disadvantageous!) proves that they want it to be good alternative to just walking through the whole floor. If you add xp, floor skipping would clearly be a less good alternative.


Let’s flip the discussion A second.

A team of five heroes completes one campaign battle.
Fighting those three waves of enemies gets them experience from battling. Potentially levelling them up.

A team of five heroes enters the dungeon. Current highest player dungeon depth is 354. I don’t want to know how many waves of enemies that person has fought.

But I am guessing it is more than three.
Probably a LOT more than three.

Why have those heroes, who have fought countless more enemies than the heroes that fought one campaign battle, received no experience for their battles?


If you choose to skip the battles, you skip the experience


That person probably uses a lvl 90 set of heroes. With or without XP he won benefit in dungeon :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay so we are both using extreme examples to prove our point. I would guess 99% of us have at least one hero that isn’t fully levelled…
They would all benefit.
Also, could be in the form of exp bottles so we could run a team of level 90 5* heroes and level up the little guys…


That’s what doesn’t make any sense to me


Witam mi nie działa dugeon dlaczego i to od początku ?


What you’re basically saying is it’s a bad idea because floor skippers will miss out. Lol.

Skipping floors is a choice, so players simply have to decide which they want more - - xp or advancing floors. Either way, it doesn’t make gaining xp in dungeon a bad idea. Those willing to grind thru will earn. Those who don’t, won’t get xp but still gain their objectives of getting better shards on higher levels.

  1. Not everyone has the time to grind through every dungeon floor.
  2. Since floor skipping exists, perhaps it should be a good alternative on lower floors. Lower floor gear is unnecessary, but XP would always be missed.
  3. You replied to a very old thread. My opinion still is the same, but this feature was already implemented.