XP, please help


I recieved the most amusing answers to my mathematical questions. So I’m gonna try something new.
S1 player.
Eventually, I’m going to level all my toons to max. The KnitfersTus Heart @ double gear helped a great deal with earning the gold needed towards my goal.besides I’ve learned from some of the best how to obtain gold.
On the other hand xp is causing some issues.
Yes, to the obvious questions. Dungeon, xp bonus, of course campaign and purchases.
I’m hoping maybe I missed something and the ladies and gentleman on forum can help.
Thank you


That true.


I have the most problems obtaining gold, xp isn’t an issue for me :joy:
But I’m not leveling all of my heroes, that’s the difference…
I can’t be bothered to level heroes up, I deem basically useless


Need more gold and xp


Tower, Daily Quests and Honor Trials also give Hero XP. I assume you include Merchant purchases when you say purchases and not just using money or diamonds


Today was kind of ok for xp if you had tower reset items :innocent:
I used 62 of them… Earned just over 40million xp


OK but need the same on server 9 :weary::rage:


Trust me…
We don’t need the same on S9 as we do on S1.


Note to self save more tower resets. I only have 25. Going to use them. Thank you


My biggest problem is getting enough stamina…things are too expensive and not enough ways to get like 4.
Wassup with that? I’m currently on 10… Friends here. But might have y just go back to 4