Y'all need gold?


I blame --Bob-- me for hoarding 500+ resets.

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Screenshot_20210522-171359_Portal Quest I’m good :rofl:

That’s all?? I figured you had that bar broken with all your gold.

Yep. Seriously wished the event chests were for gold. Not xp which I’m constantly using up on essences

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I might get a high score in a contest for spending gold and xp if only there was a way to use all this freakin’ gold! :rage:

i see ive done something wrong :see_no_evil: or maybe im the only one doing it right… :eyes: pass over that gold u whales !!

Like making the gold chests just cost gold? Because who still spends diamonds on them at this point?


Kinda like this? :sweat_smile:

Not everyone has crazy fast autoclickers like you though :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoa! How did you spend that much gold?? I really want to know. I try during contests, but I barely make a dent.

Yep! Need MEGA raid or SLIDER for silver chests to deplete my gold!!!Screenshot_20210720-110422_Portal Quest

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